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Okay I guess it's been a while so I'll let you know what's been up with me.

Very little time for anything these days so that's why my updates have been slow.(slower than usual anyway) Between my online physics course and my renovating the house there just isn't much free time or when their is I'm too tired or out of the zone to do anything artistic even when I try to force myself. Anyway that's what's up.

If you like video game music then please check out There you'll find tones of great video game remixes.

And if you're interested in video games in general check out Extra Credits where you get some great insider info on the game industry and there's a lot for you to learn there if you're interested in doing any games youself.

Not much else to say at the moment as I'm pretty busy but I'll try to get my creative juices going a bit more.

Speaking of I've found that with my 3d modelling I'm being overly ambitious with my projects so I'm tuning it down a bit to get better before moving on to bigger things. Hence the missile launcher with has some of my best texture work. I'm quite pleased with it.

Anyways I'll be sure to update as soon as I can. Thanks for watching.


Dragon’s Fury
Chapter 20: Settling down

Buttercup slipped off her shirt and tossed it into the laundry hamper in the corner of the room. She spread her arms out and leaned back a bit to stretch out her stiff shoulders and aching back. One of those symptoms was caused by the huge pale dome bulging out of her midsection.

The twins were very much showing their presence as Buttercup began her second trimester. Now four and a half months in, she looked ready to pop already as the huge bulge interfered with any attempt to see her feet short of a mirror. Thanks to her new body and constant lotion applications the maternal gut was free of imperfections, even her inside out bellybutton looked like it was meant to be that way.

Buttercup allowed herself a moment to gently rub her baby belly, her eyes closing and her mind drifting into a heavenly place. She’d been doing this more and more as her pregnancy advanced, feeling the little lives growing within her, her own silky soft skin and the warmth radiating from her own womb. She wondered what her babies would look like and as scared as she was about becoming a mother she so badly wanted her babies to come out so she could hold them in her arms.

Sighing she brought herself back to reality and started to wrestle with the other cause of her stiffness. She grunted as she struggled to undo the clasp of her uncomfortably tight bra. Her belly was the only thing outgrowing her swelling mammaries which were now starting to fill with milk, making them even heavier.

A friendly pair of hands grabbed the clasp and gently released Buttercup’s breasts from their suffocating enclosure, eliciting a sigh of relief from her. “Thanks Mercy.”

“My pleasure” the blonde haired maid replied.

Buttercup was so thankful to have Mercy around, a girl as reliable and considerate as any sister, and as time had gone by, had become just as loving to the point where she was fussing over her nearly as much as her mother-in-law.

“Is that it for this one?” She asked as she dangled the bra over the hamper.

“Yeah, it’s just too small now. I’ll have to break out the next box.”

“I’ll do it for you while you’re soaking.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Buttercup had gone up many sizes of bra since her pregnancy had begun and her hormones kicked into over drive. She was now a very healthy F-cup and was grateful to hear that she wouldn’t be growing much bigger, but then again she might because she had a pretty hefty bust to begin with.

Buttercup squirmed a bit forcing her maternity stretch pants down past her hips and rear, both of which had also grown significantly, though it was not as apparent until Buttercup tried to sit on a stool, all of which seemed too small for her to sit stably. Another hindrance was her own belly which limited her flexibility considerably and kept her from bending down much. She had to lie on her bed usually and wriggle out of her bottoms but right now Mercy was able to help her work them down and all she had to do was carefully lift her feet, repeating the process for her panties.

Now completely bare, Buttercup took a moment to study her body in the large mirror by the walk-in closet. She definitely looked large, to call her anything else was delusional, but despite how she felt, she didn’t look fat, in fact she looked less fat naked than clothed. Maybe it was because showing all her skin made her motherly glow more apparent or perhaps it was just that her pregnancy was more obvious without her clothes to hide all the detail.

Mercy came back to her and helped her slip on her bikini bottom, the green material clinging to her skin without even a wrinkle. She then helped to fasten her top, which unlike her bra, fit her swelling udders perfectly.

“Is it alright?” Mercy asked, looking over the bikini to make sure it was all fitting properly.

“It’s perfect Mercy-” the door bell cut her off at the end.

“I will get it” Mercy said as she helped Buttercup into her bathrobe.

“Sure, I’m fine.” Mercy left and Buttercup tied the sash of her robe between her belly and breasts, making her look like a fuzzy pear and then walked out of her bedroom towards the front door.

For as long as she’d lived, Buttercup never dreamed she’d raise a family in such a large house. It was a mansion in all but name, though it wasn’t as fancy as most would be she supposed. It was in many ways a normal house, except much bigger. The number of empty rooms in the house was an indication of just how big her family was going to get, the the answer was simply: ‘very.’

Every few rooms had a bathroom with two sinks, no doubt to prevent or at least reduce fighting over limited space and she also had a feeling that those rooms would be having bunk beds. Buttercup sighed and wondered if she’d ever be thin again.

She went to the front entrance way and found Mercy helping Mandy into the house.

Mandy had grown her hair out so that it was now touching her shoulders and as Mercy helped her remove her pink coat it was plain that her body had undergone changes as well.

Like Buttercup, her breasts had at least doubled in volume, her hips and rear had expanded; and most obviously, her belly had a large bulge that could not be missed.

“Hey Mandy. Not too cold out for you?”

With her coat removed her cream knitted sweater took over the job of covering her body, and though it was a modest garment it still showed every bulge her upper body had. Her black stretchy maternity pants did an alright job but if the two girls had bottoms even slightly alike, then they wouldn’t be able to hide the occasional jiggle.

“They weren’t kidding when they said Canada was cold. I can’t believe February is even colder than this.”

“Buttercup chuckled. I know what you mean, makes me thankful we have a pool inside. Do you need help getting changed?”

Mandy shook her head. “Nah, I changed before coming. Just need to strip.”

“Alright then. I’ll go on ahead if you don’t mind. You know where the bathroom is. Mercy can help you if you need it.”

Many smirked. “Thanks but I still have most of my independence, I’m not a whale like you Buttercup.”

The dragoness rolled her eyes. “Yeah well just wait till you have twins. Besides, you’ll get as big as I am right now before you pop that one out so just wait.”

“I’ll still be smaller than you Frau Zeppelin.” Mandy playfully smacked Buttercup on her bottom then she paused and kept her hand on the other girl’s right butt cheek. “Well, I see someone’s enjoying their food.”

“You try eating for three and see how fat you get” She huffed. After gently but firmly removing Mandy’s hand from her rear she started walking away. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

As she disappeared further into the house Mandy chuckled to herself. “Hey, it’s not often I see someone bigger than me these days.”

Buttercup opened the sliding glass door into the pool area and shut it behind her, then spent a moment taking in the environment. The pool area was a blending of natural and artificial, making it seem as though the pool had been carved out of the wilderness with large, lush plants along the far end. Nearer the interior of the house was more artificial looking stone work and pool lights.

Buttercup removed her robe and hung it up on a nearby rack and spent a moment examining herself again, feeling the spot on her rear Mandy had slapped, her swelling udders and most of all her big belly. Dammit, she really was huge.

Buttercup walked down the lit steps into the water, humming pleasantly as her feet were submerged. She walked all the way into the pool until her feet were planted on the bottom of the shallow end, an area about three feet deep.

With her belly fully submerged the pressure on her ankles was considerably reduced as the water helped her float. As she got bigger she found herself spending more time either lying down or in the pool. Sometimes she’d even combine the two.

She started walking around the shallows, using the time to stretch her legs and get some exercise. It was amazing how much a couple children could change your life without even being born, but Buttercup suspected that this was the easy part. After all, while they were in your belly you didn’t have to watch and make sure they didn’t put anything in their mouth or otherwise hurt themselves.

Buttercup started by wading around in the shallow end, spreading water on her arms and chest with her hands and then waded towards the other end of the pool, following the gradual slope into the deeper water, until it came up to her shoulders. She noted that her breasts floated more now as well.

“How’s the water?”

Buttercup turned and saw Mandy slowly making her way into the pool, her pink bikini showing off her maternal figure beautifully. She really did appear to be glowing and Buttercup wondered if she did as well.

“Pretty nice. Take it nice and slow and you’ll be fine. How sure on your feet have you been?”

“Not too bad” Mandy answered as she waded into the pool. “I’m glad I’m not totally human, otherwise this might be more unpleasant.”

“Yeah well humans don’t get as big during pregnancy as we do or usually eat as much.”

“Fair enough I guess. Um, should you be in that deep?” Mandy had a worried expression on as she looked at Buttercup who was now neck deep in the water.

“Yeah I probably shouldn’t be.” She slowly made her way up the slope until her breasts where just sitting in the water. “If this belly was all flab it might float but it’s actually really heavy. All that amniotic fluid or whatever. It’s denser than it is for humans.”

“You must spend a lot of time in the pool then.”

Buttercup shrugged. “I guess I have lately. I go in almost every day for half an hour at a time, maybe an hour a day. It’s a way to get some exercise without straining too much.”

“Sure feels like it doesn’t it, but I sure do feel big moving through here.” She gestured with her eyes to the large bow wave her belly created as it moved through the water.”

Buttercup giggled. “Yeah, we should probably avoid any public beeches or harbors.” She waded back up to the shallow end and joined Mandy as she waded about the pool. “So how has it been for your confidence as a mother having little siblings around. They are toddlers so if you can handle them you’ll probably be able to handle your little girl just fine.”

Mandy rolled her eyes. “Those kids have already been trained by mom. I don’t think I’ll be able to do as good a job as her.”

“Well she’ll be helping you won’t she? Besides, some experience is better than no experience.”

Many shrugged. “Well I guess so. The boys are a lot alike, Miril is a bit tomboyish and has lots of energy; Lily is pretty shy and quiet but she’s super sweet and very observant I’ve found. She’s going to be a very good auntie, she already talks and helps take care of my daughter.”

Buttercup laughed. “Oh, fusses over you does she?”

“Like a mother hen sometimes. Always asking if I’m hungry, uncomfortable, too hot, too cold. She even rubs my belly and gives me messages. Well, sort of massages.”

Buttercup sat down on one of the submerged seats built into the walls of the pools shallow end. “Sounds like a real angel;good influence on the kids.”

Mandy sat down beside her. “That reminds me, have you come up with a name for your daughter yet?”

“Nah, since I named Danté I’m letting William name our daughter.”

“Oh” Mandy’s voice quieted. “And because he’s not around he hadn’t been able to talk to you about it?”

Will had left to go and do his job several times since moving into this new home with Buttercup. In fact he’d been gone for at least three-quarters of the time since they moved in up till now.

“Well I’m just glad he’s coming home for a while” Buttercup answered. “And he was able to pick up Billy on his way too so that helps you out too. He’ll have to go out at least one more time between now and when the twins are born but I know it’s because he doesn’t want to miss their birth.”

Mandy smiled. “Yeah, it’ll be nice to see Billy again. We’ve been talking over Skype and stuff but it’s not the same. I haven’t shown him how big I’ve gotten either” she grinned, patting the top of her belly.

Buttercup laughed. “Oh yeah won’t he be surprised, his beautiful skinny girl has suddenly become a blimp.”

“Look who’s talking.” Mandy poked Buttercup in the side playfully “Well I’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t hug me too hard, and he’d better have come up with some names for the baby by now or I’ll rip him open. That it might force him to stay longer too.”

Buttercup patted Mandy on the shoulder. “I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten. How long is he staying?”

“Just for a week, then he has to go back. He’s working hard to try and get his grades up, which isn’t hard but he wants them to be high.”

Buttercup shuddered. “I hate studying; always did.”

Mandy shrugged. “I never really had to. I was one of those people who never studied but got good marks on tests, usually almost perfect.”

“Damn your kind” Buttercup cursed facetiously.

“Mistresses, I’ve brought snacks.” Mercy walked along the perimeter of the pool and set down a large trey of pastries at the edge.

“Oh thanks Mercy, we’re famished.” Buttercup grabbed one and shoved it into her mouth hungrily. “Mmmm delicious as always.” Mandy sampled one and conquered.

“You’re food always seems to get better every time I come over.”

Mercy giggled. “Thank you very much. What would you like to drink?”

“Lemonade please” Buttercup ordered.

“I’ll take the same” Mandy answered.

“I’ll be right back then.” Mercy left the pool room, leaving the two girls in the pool to sit and eat.

“I don’t suppose your pool filter has gotten clogged with crumbs a few times since you’ve been here?” Mandy asked with an amused eyebrow.

“Ha ha,” Buttercup downed another pastry. “I don’t know what it is but there’s something pleasant about eating in the water. I’ve never done it before but I’ve definitely been loving it.”

“It has an appeal” Mandy admitted. “But I wouldn’t want to get crumbs in the pool and I think it would be a bad habit for the kids to get into.”

Buttercup chuckled. “That why we should enjoy these kinds of things while we still can, even if we’re too big to do a lot of those things right now. Still I’m demanding preferential treatment. I’m pregnant so I should be able to pig out wherever I want.”

Mandy chuckled too. “Not shy about all the extra eating?”

Buttercup snorted dismissively. “Nah, why bother? I’m going to be big and fat anyway so why worry about it?”

“Speaking of which, you just polished off the whole tray.”

Buttercup looked and noticed that the tray we barren of pastries except for the two Mandy held in her hand and the previous one she’d eaten. “Wow, I’m even hungrier than I thought I was.”

Mercy returned and brought a pitcher of lemonade and two glasses, setting them on the table. “Was it satisfying?” She asked as she came over to pick up the tray.

“They were good but I hope you made a lot more.” Buttercup grunted as she stood up and held her hands out to steady herself in the water.

“Oh yes there’s plenty more. I’ll bring you another couple trays.”

“Thanks Mercy.”

Mercy spun on her heal and left the pool again. Buttercup stretched her arms up and sighed. “Well I guess I’ll get out of the pool now. I don’t want to turn too pruny.”

Mandy nodded and shoved the last pastry in her mouth. “Shouldn’t be in the pool right after eating so I imagine being in it while you eat is even worse.”

Buttercup helped Mandy to her feet. “I think it’s ‘Don’t go swimming just after you eat’” Buttercup corrected. “We’re not swimming, we’re just sitting and wading.”

“Well either way I wanna get out too. I don’t wanna still be wet when Billy comes to hug me.”

“He’ll be so happy to see you he won’t even care” Buttercup smiled.

The two girls carefully walked out of the pool, having to gradually adjust their footing as they took the full brunt of their own weight again.

“I suddenly feel like a hippo” Mandy muttered.

“Haven’t gone swimming in a long time?” Buttercup asked. “Your mom has a pool doesn’t she?”

“Yeah she does but I haven’t gone for a dip in a pool since just after I started showing and now I’m so huge.”

“Yeah, that’s why I go for a dip almost every day. Feels good to take the weight off.” Buttercup walked over to a shelf and grabbed two towels, handing one to Mandy. “I’ve noticed there’s more and more to dry too as the weeks have gone on.”

“Yeah and it’s getting harder and harder to dry myself too” Mandy admitted. “Lilly’s been rather helpful in that regard.”

“Awwwww that’s adorable. I wonder why she’s so attached to you.”

Mandy shrugged. “I’m not entirely sure. I think it’s because she’s usually so closed up its an avenue she’s using to come out of her shell. Mom seems to be encouraging it so as long as it doesn’t really bother me I don’t see why I should discourage her. If anything I’ll need her even more as things keep moving along.”

“Don’t I know it” Buttercup huffed. “Betty, Phi’s wife, is having quadruplets and she’s due to pop em out within the next two months I think. She’s practically bed bound she’s so big.”

“Wow, I didn’t think she’d be quite that big, even with quads.”

Buttercup sighed. “That’s going to be me next time I’m knocked up too.”

Mandy smirked. “Already thinking about next time?”

Buttercup returned a smirk of her own. “With as horny as I am, there’ll be plenty of next times.”

Now dry, the two girl walked over to the table Mercy had set the lemonade down on and each poured themselves a glass just before the maid returned with two trays full of pastries.

“Here you are ladies. Lots of yummy treats for all five of you.”

Mandy smiled appreciatively. “Sorry for the extra trouble.”

“Oh it’s no trouble at all. Eat as much as you like.”

Mercy left them yet again and Buttercup wasted not time tearing into the pastries like a starving animal. Mandy just shook her head and picked one off the tray closest to her.

“You can’t possibly blame all that on your kids Buttercup.”

Buttercup paused to swallow what was in her mouth so she could answer. “All I know for sure is that I’m hungry, and the cure for hunger is eating food, so that’s what I’m doing.”

Mandy rolled her eyes but didn’t press any further; she herself was prone to the occasional display of gluttony.

Later, after the two girls had polished off the trays, they sat on a couch in the living room, Buttercup in her bathrobe and Mandy wearing her clothes over her bikini again, despite still being slightly damp.

“Ugh, I’m stuffed.” Buttercup moaned.

“You look it” Mandy smirked. “You probably gained another four pounds right there.”

“Oh it wasn’t that much” Buttercup said, waved her hand dismissively. “At least the kids seem happy.”

“Well they would, you just fed them tons of sweets.”

“Yeah well that’s it for a while. I need to pick up on the meat intake so that they grow big and strong.” She opened up her bathrobe, exposing the pale dome of her belly and she began to caress it with a loving smile. Mandy, somehow felt a need to add her own hand to the mix and placed one on Buttercup’s belly, rubbing it ever so gently and feeling the other girl’s baby bump.

“Wow, it feels different than mine.”

Buttercup was a bit surprised by Mandy’s hand on her belly but she didn’t find it unpleasant, after all her in-laws had excitedly done plenty of that, she just suddenly realized that she and Mandy had never felt each other’s bellies.

“H-how does it feel different?”

“Hmmm well it just feels like a different shape, since you’re having twins that makes sense I guess, but it’s softer too, like there’s a layer of marshmallow around the babies.”

“Yeah that’s the fat layer. It helps protect the babies from stuff, and considering how cold it is out there I feel better having it.”

“I bet your back and ankles don’t.” Mandy chuckled as she felt up Buttercup’s belly. “Wow it feels even bigger than it looks.”

“Look who’s talking.” Buttercup reached over and yanked up Mandy’s shirt to expose her own belly and began putting her hand on it. “Wow, yours is so tight and smooth. Pretty big for just one kid.”

Suddenly both girls shuddered. They looked down and found that their naked bellies had bumped into each other and were now touching. It felt so warm and there was an odd surreal feeling to it along with a strong euphoria.

“W-wow, that’s surprisingly intense.” Mandy said shakily.

“Y-yeah. Who’s have thought just having them touch would make such a reaction. Feels really good though.”

The two girls continued to rub each others bellies as they stayed in an odd enchanted trance, even leaning on each other. They didn’t know how long they stayed like that but before they new it a new voice interrupted and snapped them out of it.

“Honey, I’m home!”

A frigid draft brushed over their bellies and they quickly covered them back up. Will suddenly dashed into the room and wrapped his arms around Buttercup, sighing in relief as he held her in his arms. “Oh it’s so good to see my family again. Seems to be harder to wrap my arms around it than I remember though.”

Buttercup punched him lightly in the centre of his chest. “Shut up.” But she was smiling, happy to have her husband back home after so long.

Entering the room just behind him was Billy, looking quite frozen despite now being indoors. Mandy pushed herself off the couch and went over to hug him gently, wary of her bump.

“Oh it’s so good to see you again” Billy croaked, he was on the verge of tears.

“You too” Mandy smiled. “I’ve never been so glad to see you.” She felt his hand on her abdomen and she felt a sudden stab of anxiety.

“Wow... So.... This is the baby huh?”

Mandy chuckled weakly. “Yeah... I guess it is. She’s gotten big since you two last met.” Feeling a little awkward she fidgeted a little. “So maybe I should take you to my home. I think we all need our times alone hm?”

Will chuckled. “You don’t mind waiting for me a little longer do ya honey?”

Buttercup patted his arm. “Go ahead and take them home, then we’ll all be happy. I can entertain myself for that long.”

“Alright then.” He kissed her tenderly on the lips and then walked back to the front door. Billy helped Mandy into her coat and Will opened the door for them to let them out.

Buttercup shivered a little as she felt the draft again but it passed quickly. She was glad that Mandy was finally going to see Billy again after so long, and she didn’t mind waiting a bit longer before she and Will began cuddling together again. She just hoped one week would be something to Billy and Mandy.
Dragon's Fury Ch 20
Well a combination of things made this take a lot longer than I intended but here it is. There will probably be two chapter after this one, plus an epilogue.


Current Residence: Oakbank, Manitoba
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: 3D
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I-POD Classic
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: What people lack in one thing they gain in another

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